Saturday, March 05, 2005

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Works with everything: cable, digital cable, satellite, antenna, and combinations

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Friday, March 04, 2005

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What kind of hardware do you need ?
- Thanks to the Video For Linux interface (V4L), DVR is able to cope with a wide range of capture cards. Most common are bttv cards.

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Only TiVo service offers easy-to-use features like WishList™ searches and Season Pass™ recordings, plus much more

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In a few words DVR is a simple and efficient software aiming at recording digital video on a Linux computer.

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DVR GUI features:
configurable start time and duration. DVR will automatically start to record at a fixed date, and will stop after a fixed duration.
detailled monitoring during recording (free space left, frames lost, CPU usage, ...),
saves parameters on stop, and reloads them on launch,
translated in english, french and german

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DVR runs on computers equipped with one or more video capture cards.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Now you can record, pause and rewind live TV.

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Digitally record your favorite shows with one simple click - no VCRS and no hassles.

Pause live TV, rewind, watch in slow motion and create instant replays.

Automatically record an entire season of your shows, even if they move to a new day or time.

Record two shows at the same time.* Then watch them whenever you like - even while you record other shows!

Enjoy up to 35 hours** of your favorite programming.

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Now the only TV schedule that matters is yours. Digital Video Recorders-- a cable converter and recording device in one sleek unit, are here! Youll never miss an important show again.

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Can DVR record from several video sources simultaneously ?
- Yes. You will certainly use the console version of DVR in this case, as it allows you to run several instances as independant background tasks.

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Any single drive standalone and most two drive standalone TiVo units are fully upgradeable.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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DirecTiVo combos and some factory true dual drive TiVo units are not currently able to take advantage of larger A drives. However, these units are able to add a new large B drive to expand recording capacity.

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Common Features include:
uses common codecs like mpg4 for video, mp3 for audio,
writes segmented files, in order to split large files,
threaded : take profit of multi-processors computers,
horizontal margin removal during capture ,

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You have probably heard MFS Tools 2.0 has some problems associated with it. We now believe we have solutions for those problems.

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See the page features for more details.

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There are a couple ways to do it. The easiest is to download Dylans Linux bootdisk and run Mike Hills BlessTiVo program which is included on the disk. There is the original way which requires more work but is more fun for the hacker crowd. Both will be described below.

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Yes, you can burn your own video onto DVD discs that will play on set-top DVD players.

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Its easy to get started, just choose a TiVo box, and put this amazing service to work for just $12.95T a month

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Watch what you want, when you want.

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Start watching your shows when it is convenient for you.

Pause live TV in the middle of a scene.

Rewind to hear a line you may have missed, or create your own Instant Replay with the touch of a button.

Stop scheduling your life around your TV. With Time Warners Digital Video Recorder, you are in control.

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Features include:

- horizontal margin removal during capture (saves disk space and processor
resources when recording movies that have black top/bottom margins, such
as 16/9)
- detailed monitoring during recording (free space left, frames lost, CPU
usage, etc.)
- configurable record start time and duration
- a large number of configurable parameters (size, image depth, codec
attributes, TV parameters, etc.)

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DVR is a tool to record movies on a computer equipped with a Video4Linux-compatible video capture card. It can record and compress data at up to 25 fps in real time, using recent codecs like DivX, Indeo 5, MPEG4, and others.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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On their own, DirecTV and TiVo both require you to install a standard receiver box that is about the size of a DVD player. The obvious benefit of combining the two is the amount of space you save and can use for other accessories

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DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.

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With nearly all audio and visual products now available in digital form, isnt it time to upgrade your home television system? Todays inexpensive new technology means that recording your favorite television sitcom is easier and more convenient than ever, with virtually perfect playback quality.

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To add a second drive to your TiVo you will need the BlessTiVo program. It is available on a standalone Linux bootdisk created by an AVS member named Dlyan. Be sure to read the above FAQ first and the readme included with the BlessTiVo program before attempting this upgrade.

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It can record and compress audio and video in real time, using recent codecs like DivX or Indeo 5 for example.

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Introducing the High Definition Digital Video Recorder -- Now you can record your favorite High-Definition shows! Get up close and personal with the Explorer 8000HD - see the interactive 3-D view of the Explorer 8000HD/DVR set-top.

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Time Warner Digital Cable comes with the option of a built-in DVR -Digital Video Recorder-.

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The genius behind the TiVo service is obvious with easy-to-use features like WishList™ searches and Season Pass™ recordings. Put it all to work for just $12.95T a month or $299 Product Lifetime.

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What are the files produced by DVR ?
- DVR produces files in standard AVI format and uses a good number of video codecs (well known codecs like divx5 for example, mjpeg, raw encoding if no compression is required, and a lot of windows codecs). The sound is stored in mp3 format or PCM.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

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Features include:
- session management (saving parameters on exit and reloading them on launch)
- simultaneous preview and capture
- fullscreen preview
- support for multi-processor machines
- session management
- a graphical user interface

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Features include:

- support for writing data in segmented files (to avoid 2GB file size
- support for recording audio in MP3 or PCM, with configurable frequency,
mono/stereo, etc.
- on-the-fly capture and compression (requires a fast processor)

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DVR Console features:
runs without X-Window, as a standalone background task,
can be launched several times simultaneously, in order to record from several video sources,
in progress : starts to record on move detection,
in progress : remote distributed control

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DVR GUI features:
nice and easy to use graphical user interface, with direct "start" and "stop" buttons ,
simultaneous preview and capture (depends on your hardware capabilities),
fullscreen preview

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DirecTV and TiVo have combined their services to give users a unique system that will allow them to enhance their programming and ability to record it at any time using a single piece of hardware.

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Common Features include:
records simultaneously video and audio streams,
uses standard AVI file format for data storage,

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TIVO the latest DVRs to hit the market!!!

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So you never have to miss your favorite shows.

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The DIRECTV® DVR helps make the most of your TV viewing experience! You get access to all the channels of DIRECTV® service with the convenience and control of TiVo®.

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You will never watch DIRECTV® programming quite the same way again - it is TV on your schedule, exactly how you want it!

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Works with everything: cable, digital cable, satellite, antenna, and combinations

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Only TiVo service offers easy-to-use features like WishList™ searches and Season Pass™ recordings, plus much more

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Can DVR record from several video sources simultaneously ?
- Yes. You will certainly use the console version of DVR in this case, as it allows you to run several instances as independant background tasks.

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New Cheap Sony DVRs!!!

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How can I add a second drive to my TiVo the true hackers way?

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You are able to expand recording capacity by using a single larger A drive, adding a new large B drive, or combining any two drive sizes you wish - as long as your A drive is at least as large as your original A drive image.

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Common Features include:
uses common codecs like mpg4 for video, mp3 for audio,
writes segmented files, in order to split large files,
threaded : take profit of multi-processors computers,
horizontal margin removal during capture ,

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The answer is yes. With the release of Mfs Tools, even dual drive units can now be upgraded.

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See the page features for more details.

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If you would like to download the C source code to the BlessTiVo program you can download it here. The code is released under the GPL. If you make any changes to it, feel free to send them to me for inclusion in the official version. If you port the program to another OS or platform please send your changes to me for inclusion into the official version.

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DVR runs on computers equipped with one or more video capture cards.

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If you upgraded your TiVo with MFS Tools 2.0, you can use the backdoor codes to check your kernel log for swap error messages. See below for a detailed explanation of how to do this by Cpen.

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From gift guides to product awards, feature reviews to opinion editorials, TiVo not only makes the grade—it scores high marks!

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You can get a TiVo box starting for as low as $99.99. Each one works with any TV setup - from a simple antenna, to cable, to digital cable or satellite. Find out which TiVo box is best for you.

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